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I added another sixteen miles last night to watch a frequently-changing sky. I knew I needed to be home by the end of the Blackhawks game, though. I’ve had my eye on these old trucks as we fly through Eleroy on hiway 20 and had a vision on how to use them to create an image. Unfortunately, I just don’t have access to any others. I try to take new roads while looking for these shots so I turned right on Salem Rd, north out of Eleroy. This road turns into something that almost parallels highway 20 and I’ve never been down it before. I discovered this beautiful little church with the steeple rising into the western sky and perched on the top is a lighted cross. So pretty! Then, across from the church is a cornfield, of course, but also one of those historic wood buildings with peeling paint that are becoming increasingly difficult to find. The windows aren’t all boarded up (frequently a disappointment with old buildings) and it appears to have the original paned windows AND doors – what a sweet surprise.

We should be worshipping in our new sanctuary next month! It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago in July, 2009, I posted these photos of the ground breaking ceremony and early photos and now the carpeting is being installed. It has been way too long since I’ve been in the new construction to take photos.Our entire basement has changed and the old sanctuary will also be remodeled to make additional space for the youth groups, SWAT and Frontline. The carpet layers from Lincoln Nebraska were working hard to install this gargantuan number of yards of carpet. The low lights throw a beautiful row of rounded shadows at the front of the stage. The curves are repeated in several place in the new addition: windows, doors, outside lights, stage lights and the door into the coffee area. That seems to be a current trend in decorating and architechture – I’m seeing lots of it as I look through cabinet catalogues while planning for our own laundry room remodeling project.

This first photo was taken from the elevated multimedia area and shows the acoustical clouds used for noise control. They add an interesting architectural element to the area. As you can see there are already two projectors installed in the ceiling – I can’t wait to see how this will be used.


The arch in the door, pendant lights and rich colors will make this coffee area a real hot spot. Our coffee area is popular now but we are located in a pretty small area.

Can’t wait to see Bob Werntz play on this big, beautiful stage when he and Joyce return from Honduras next month!

I received a tip yesterday that Larry Elliott was planning to revive his brick-laying skills to help Jack Miller’s masonry team. So, when I arrived this afternoon Larry and crew were already hard at work. They are making some pretty quick progress on the West side of the church. Larry explained to me that he used his brick-laying skills to pay his way through the University of Wisconsin even though he is from Ames, IOWA. Guess he didn’t want to be a Cyclone.


These photos are from last Wednesday and already so much has changed. The cross inlay on the North side was in progress and today, at church, we saw it was completely done! I really like the combination of textures: brick, three kinds of stone and the stucco. It makes the facade so much more interesting, doesn’t it?

I had a friendly talk with the men working on the stucco as they had a few questions about the baptism tub and stage area. Our wide stage is made more intersting by the sweep of a generous curve.


The old fellowship area will be used for classroom space, I believe – note the addition of the designer-look columns. The fellowship area will be relocated to our old gym which will actually be a muti-purpose area with the new kitchen seen her in the background.

This photo shows our own Bob Logothetti wiring the stage area which will now be handicapped accessible with the addition of ramps on each side. The curves are continued in the windows and a few of the door frame openings – very nice design element.


I stopped in yesterday to take more photos of our “writing on the beams” and was mesmerized by the shadows and light falling through the wonderful new windows. They are such unqiue shapes and so big! I really have a feeling of being at home there even though the space is still partially exposed to the elements. They are currently working on the divisions for these huge windows and will be installing the glass soon. The drywall is also slated to begin this week and I’m told we will see major changes in the interior of the old basement area this week. My flash died on me so I will return for my photos later in the week.




We Have Doors!

October 27, 2009

Yes, we actually have doors on the South side of the church addition. I was suprised to see them because I sure didn’t notice them on Sunday. Sunday was a gorgeous day and at the end of each of our church services the congregation filed into the new sanctuary to grab permanent markers and “sign the beams.” What a cool idea. Even though our thoughts and praises will soon be covered by dry wall, it was something that each family, child or individual could take the time to add a little bit of our hearts to the heart of the church. I know it meant alot to Jim and I and since I didn’t have my camera on Sunday to capture the actual event I wanted to show you what it looks like.

The last photo is an acquaintance, Jack Miller, who is the mason on our church project. Jack is from Freeport and is working with his son, Adam, to lay the bricks. They look like they match the rest of the church quite well!





Today I intended to post a couple of images from the last time I photographed the construction progress at our church. However, since they’re so out-of-date now I’ll post a couple of current ones instead. It’s getting more difficult to see outward progress from Stephenson street so I will be focusing more on the interior in the future. Like I tell my students, interior photos aren’t usually as pretty photographs, though, due to using flash. All sides are enclosed except the south side and they were pouring some cement areas today.



All of sudden, it seems that more drastic changes are taking place daily. When I looked over at the church on my way to school each day this week, I saw they were putting the shingles on the west side of the roof. I incorrectly assumed that they were already finished with the East side. As you can see in the photos below, they are still working on that process and adding insulation and other materials. It looked pretty difficult to walk over the open floor of the 2nd floor.

I’m SO happy to have become a more experienced construction photographer. The local marketing firm for the Xtreme Makeover:Home Edition asked me to be one of the photographers assigned to document the 106-hour build. We will have four-hour shifts just like the other volunteers. Contruction goes on round the clock for 106 hours. I can’t wait to see what that will look like. Freeport has totally thrown themselves into this project and I cannot wait to hear who the lucky family is when they knock on their door on September 9th.

You won’t see any of the photos I take of THAT construction site on this blog, though. They will be posted ONLY on the official website and cannot be used by me until after the show airs on ABC in January 2010. Even then, it will require special permission to use the photos.




The church addition/remodeling project is really taking shape. If you drive to the South side of the construction area, you will see the new main entrance and you will get the full effect of the height and future grandeur of the structure. The ceiling now has lighting hanging in place. The interior of the church is changing, too. In the old toddler nursery they have installed this big, bright and shiny new power box which sure contrasts with the old one. Fellowship hall is being divided into several classrooms.





Well, the summer is officially over since my school started this past Monday. These construction photos were actually taken on July 28 but I really want to post in order so I can track the progress. The first photo is the inside of the old locker room. Volunteers have almost entirely gutted it. Alot of volunteer work is taking place in addition to the contractor’s work. The roof is going on now so I’ll get some new shots soon.