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3-2-1 Ribs

August 21, 2013

3-2-1 Rib Smoking was Jim’s project this past Saturday. I’m just learning about the fine points of BBQ but now know that the ribs are cooked unwrapped for three hours, wrapped in foil for two and then unwrapped for the final hour. This gives the meat time to soak in smoke during the first three hours, when most smoke is absorbed. During the wrapped period the ribs are steamed, making them more tender and loosening the meat from the bone. During the last hour the ribs are exposed to the dry, smoky heat again to form a surface crust. This crust is actually called BARK and it’s so yummy! The night prior to smoking, Jim rubbed the ribs with mustard and spices before wrapping them in foil. Being out on the deck with Jim for part of the long cooking time gave me the opportunity to knit in that beautiful weather and to observe this Hummingbird Moth in our back yard.

Jim used a ceramic cooker Dawn found for us at a neighbor’s garage sale in Iowa City. These cookers weight 400 pounds, so, Lars needed to take out some screws so we could lift it into the Highlander.




I’ve been inspired to Eat Less & Move More by Cathy Zielske. Based on her recommendation (and many other online reviews) I purchased this treadmill last week. I’m listening to audio books while I walk and, so far, it has been great. My body can already feel a difference and I’m thrilled that it’s still so resilient.

Cathy created some really nice resources for tracking similar to Weight Watcher’s (her diet of choice). Besides utilizing Cathy’s template for journaling my month, I created a simple sheet to track my daily progress on the treadmill. I found a schedule in our Spry Living last month that coincides nicely with the dates of our upcoming Disney vacation. I really wanted something that would pop out at me for tracking my treadmill progress. I post these on the closet door right next to my treadmill and am looking forward to seeing a line of them taped to the door by the time we leave for Disney. I included the layered, psd file here for those of you with image editing programs. It includes layers so you can continue to change the text to record your progress. Workout Schedule – psd file

I kind of like the idea of tracking monthly progress for a change. Now on to the healthier eating part …

Paige and I made our second recipe when she was home sick with strepp throat. By late afternoon of the second day on antibiotics, she was feeling pretty good. We thought Mommy might like this one because it’s healthy! Of course, Paige didn’t even want to try it because she detests anything with mayonnaise. How can that be?? The most difficult task was slicing the grapes down the middle. It struck me at how many cooking tasks I just take for granted but to slice a grape you must finesse it from the top down, at an angle and definitely use a serrated knife. She wanted to muscle her way through each and every one of them. She really did great chopping the apples, though, and based on my recommendation we gave this one three stars.

I came across this book during our extremely quick trip to Edward’s Orchard in Poplar Grove a couple of weeks ago. I thought, Paige and I haven’t been cooking anything together for a while and maybe this would give us (me) the motivation to start again. 121 recipes might be too much and take us a very long time but we will definitely have fun along the way.

The very first recipe in the book, Cooking Fun 121 Recipes to Make with Kids by Rae Grant, is for a Blueberry Smoothie. Despite the fact that Paige adores blueberries practically more than anything else (except ice cream), we only gave this one two stars after deciding upon a four-star rating system. Two stars means it’s, “so-so.” She did learn what it means to level off a measuring cup of plain yogurt!

The cookbook is so cute, though, with easy to read recipes and helpful hints. I just love the cute retro cover, too.

I’m really going to try and go farther this time with a photography project. Gosh, I admire people who can keep up a 365 Project.

Checking Out the Recipe

Juicing the Lemon

Another Breakfast

February 4, 2010

Jim thought it was pretty shocking that I had a beautiful table set for breakfast this morning. It’s because #1 we are working on eating healthier all day long and #2 it involved a photograph. I joined a Flickr group called, A Month of Mornings, Breakfast Without Borders, and have been inspired not only by the photography but also by the unusual breakfasts that some people prepare. For instance, guacamole on a toasted english muffin! I love that idea and will definitely try to incorporate that into our options.breakfast-2-4-10