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Working with a two-year-old always requires patience. And, if you persist long enough you are rewarded with beautiful smiles, scampering little feet, tiny toes, curious blue eyes and unexpected emotion and fun. Grace’s Daddy just returned from Afghanistan yesterday and had not seen her for ten months. Grace was so excited to see him she didn’t get much sleep last night. I had lots of ideas for the session but, as usual, the toddler’s spontaneity shines through!

Daddy and Grace






Oh, my, these two boys are growing into knockouts, aren’t they? Our photographic journey has included many stages, so far, but the session today was the best. So, so cooperative and full of great ideas for poses and those eyes and eye lashes. Wow, GQ here they come! Dad, Nathan, suggested getting out a fan – LOL! Seriously, to see how these kids change over a few year’s time is heart-warming. These aren’t your typical Christmasy, cutesy setups but they are perfect for Andrew & Jacob.

Jake & Andrew



In the Zone


I have sorely neglected this blog but, again, am pledging to do better! This is one of our recent birthday girls from the Cuter Every Day Club, Megan. It’s amazing for me to see these little ones as newborns and finish up with this wonderful “cake smash” session” on their birthday. Megan used a two-finger technique for sampling the cake – they are all different. Some are tentative, some want to share, and they all are happiest when the cake arrives! My, my – see how she has changed in one short year.

NmB PhotographyNmB Photography


NmB Photography

NmB Photography

I’ve been wanting to get Paige down to the end of our street where all these yellow flowers are blooming. However, when scouting out a location like this I have to take into consideration more than just the pretty background and light. I sometimes need to be sure there’s decent parking and a way to get my big, heavy props to the location. We managed to get the old, red chair down there, as you can see, but wish we would have had more time with the beautiful backlighting on her hair. So, here’s a few of my favorites from tonight, right before sunset, and also a pullback which looks like Paige is doing all of our heavy work returning the chair to the car. She really did pull it most of the way back!

Even though Paige enjoys getting ready for a mini session with Mimi (me) and she is great at helping me get everything set up, she’s really not that thrilled when we get going. Often she can’t wait to get off itchy clothing like these leggings I bought both of the girls. So, out of many, many shots this morning these two were the best.

This past weekend I finally met Kali and her family of nine for their outdoor photo session. This has been planned for a long, long time starting with a gift certificate purchased for Christmas last year. Kali and I have had many email conversations about scheduling, what-to-wear, etc but this was the first time we met face-to-face. It’s a small world in NW Illinois, though, and I remembered her mother-in-law from classes at Highland and her mother worked with my son at one time. Our original plan for the session was early May but that day turned out to be too rainy so we all agreed to reschedule for last Saturday and I’m soo happy we did. The field was full of yellow flowers, the sky was perfectly blue with some clouds mixed in and the temperature was surprisingly warm. The bigger girls amazed me with their tumbling skills at only seven and four and one-year-old Reese just smiled and smiled! Who could ask for more than that?

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One beautiful August morning, I headed out to a field of Queen Anne’s Lace that I’d had been scoping out. Sena and her four children were charming and polite despite the very early hour. To catch that gorgeous early light you have to start early in the summer time. We were there by 8 am and captured these images of her growing children: Christian, Samuel, Sophia and Nathan – she’s so blessed. Sena is just a delightful mother, friend, runner and occasional assistant to me with newborns and families. Thanks for letting me capture this stage in your children’s lives.

Paige and I made our second recipe when she was home sick with strepp throat. By late afternoon of the second day on antibiotics, she was feeling pretty good. We thought Mommy might like this one because it’s healthy! Of course, Paige didn’t even want to try it because she detests anything with mayonnaise. How can that be?? The most difficult task was slicing the grapes down the middle. It struck me at how many cooking tasks I just take for granted but to slice a grape you must finesse it from the top down, at an angle and definitely use a serrated knife. She wanted to muscle her way through each and every one of them. She really did great chopping the apples, though, and based on my recommendation we gave this one three stars.

I came across this book during our extremely quick trip to Edward’s Orchard in Poplar Grove a couple of weeks ago. I thought, Paige and I haven’t been cooking anything together for a while and maybe this would give us (me) the motivation to start again. 121 recipes might be too much and take us a very long time but we will definitely have fun along the way.

The very first recipe in the book, Cooking Fun 121 Recipes to Make with Kids by Rae Grant, is for a Blueberry Smoothie. Despite the fact that Paige adores blueberries practically more than anything else (except ice cream), we only gave this one two stars after deciding upon a four-star rating system. Two stars means it’s, “so-so.” She did learn what it means to level off a measuring cup of plain yogurt!

The cookbook is so cute, though, with easy to read recipes and helpful hints. I just love the cute retro cover, too.

I’m really going to try and go farther this time with a photography project. Gosh, I admire people who can keep up a 365 Project.

Checking Out the Recipe

Juicing the Lemon

The past week was everything an idyllic summer week should be. The first weekend was spent at Apple Canyon Lake with the whole family. We went out in shifts since there are too many of us to fit in our red boat. The lake gets pretty rough when there is so much boat traffic out there, but the big boys especially love being bounced around on the tube. Most of the time I was back on dry land relaxing with the rest of the group. We enjoyed brats cooked by the Scales Mound fire department and then stayed for the fireworks. It was a perfect day. We laughed so much and the five grand kids caught lightning bugs, played games, fished and just hung out together. It’s my favorite time of the whole year.

Before the rest of the family arrived, we enjoyed some 1:1 time with Kelby who was surprised with a go-cart from his Uncle Andy. Hopefully, he will be safe, but he does remind us of Andy at that age who started with a wooden go-cart that coasted down our street in Decorah and progressed to a motorized go-cart that he ran up and down the alley in Manchester. Next, came a moped that he hoped he would drive after we moved to Illinois but due to a later license age he sold it and bought a dirt bike which was perfect for our then-empty subdivision. Erin was swapped for Kelby on Thursday when Dawn and I met at this restaurant in Port Byron that’s right on the river. Usually, we meet in Cordova so the kids can play at the park there. It’s cool and shady and a welcome respite between turning around for the drive back to Freeport.

We usually find a movie that we are all dying to see but this time we had to create a movie matrix. Between the 13 of us we were interested in at least three different movies so we created a signup sheet to keep track of where everybody was going and what time they were going there. My group went to Karate Kid and we were enthralled. It’s a huge improvement over the old movie.

Molly’s family came back the next weekend to get in some extra lake time and we were so thrilled to see Jason get up on skis the very time he tried and to see Molly ski, as well. Considering what Molly has been through the last few years with her surgeries this is especially remarkable and wonderful for her Mom and Dad to see. The girls were scheduled to go to the Eclipse movie this time. The guys weren’t very pleased with it – in fact, Jason pronounced it the worse movie ever. Popular games for the week were: Mexican Train dominoes, Euchre, Monopoly Deal and Uno.

The weeks were super busy and now I’m returning to my outstanding photo orders. But I just loved going to Krape Park with the kids to run a remote control boat, watching them grow from year-to-year gauged by their size on the carousel, running round around on Kid’s Kastle and playing putt-putt golf. Oh, and their visit wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Union Dairy – lovely memories from the summer of 2010.




PAIGE’s “Little Sally Walker” song

JASON and NIC – “Tube Me Gramps”