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Last week Emma and her family came to see me from Rockford. Emma was 13 days new and just as sweet as she could be. She slept and posed so pretty.

Emma is Born!

NmB Photography – Rockford, IL newborn photographer

Emma is Born!

NmB Photography – Rockford, IL newborn photographer

Emma is Born!

NmB Photography – Rockford, IL newborn photographer

Emma is Born!

NmB Photography – Rockford, IL newborn photographer

After finishing up a wonderful session with brand new Abigail and her first-time parents, I started replaying the planning that was involved in capturing these images. Even though I love to photograph the spontaneity of a toddler, the newborn session is approached in an entirely different manner. Steps accomplished before the session:

Four weeks in advance analyze carefully sites like Pinterest and my Google Reader for inspiration like Shannon Sewell and Sarah Ulrich.

Order newborn hat well in advance of session from A Bit of String in case baby arrives early. Abigail did! Cost $20. And, another hat from MadAboutColour which took even longer to arrive from Canada (didn’t end up using it). Cost $33

Renew National Association of Photoshop Professionals membership (NAPP) partially to get free shipping from B&H Photo and Video. Spend time watching video tutorials on lighting and Lightroom 4.0. Cost $99

Three weeks in advance order roll of wide, replacement paper in white from B&H Photo Video. Order warm white by mistake but love it in the chair shot. Also, order three short rolls; Sea Green (used in spring shot), Sky Blue and Marmalade. Cost $124

Order ruffled romper to take advantage of sale from Ashley’s Posh Tots. Cost $15

Search for another perfect chair and find one at Grasshoppers in LeClaire, IA. Also, purchase vintage planter and Spring setup starts to formulate in my mind. Gas plus new props. Cost $150

Find paper flowers and butterfly for background of spring setup at JoAnn Fabric. Cost $20

Order two yards of caramel fur fabric from Cost $28

Two weeks in advance arrange for chair painting and distressing to remove all lead paint. Labor plus materials cost $75.

Order gray throw from Pottery Barn. Cost $63

Two days in advance carefully cut caramel fur per research on YouTube (I cut my gray fur all wrong!).

Wash new clothing and throw. Test rolling throw in yellow egg basket.

Morning of session turn on additional heat in the studio and waiting room including space heater and heating pad.

Utilize iPhone womb sound app. Wait for Abby to be fed.

Position dad close by (just out of shot) for safety.

Two hour session with a marvelously sleepy baby and so, so helpful parents. Resulting images captured: PRICELESS!

Curled Up in an Egg Basket

Sleepy Girl

SpringNew Family Addition

Daddy's Boots

I have sorely neglected this blog but, again, am pledging to do better! This is one of our recent birthday girls from the Cuter Every Day Club, Megan. It’s amazing for me to see these little ones as newborns and finish up with this wonderful “cake smash” session” on their birthday. Megan used a two-finger technique for sampling the cake – they are all different. Some are tentative, some want to share, and they all are happiest when the cake arrives! My, my – see how she has changed in one short year.

NmB PhotographyNmB Photography


NmB Photography

NmB Photography

I’m sure this is the longest I’ve ever gone since I started blogging six years ago! I’ll never get caught up here with my sessions but I’m very anxious to share a few recent ones with you. First, there’s Brynlee in her six-month session. My fellow photographers know that six-month old babies are the best! They just smile and smile AND they stay where you put them. I actually prefer to wait until they’re sitting but Brynlee is here at six months and just one week and is a spectacular little sitter. Her mommy always brings such beautiful props, too – what a fabulous combination. Brynlee just gets Cuter and Cuter Every single Day!

I also took a series of family photos in my backyard aka Park Hills golf course and wanted to share the before and after steps:

    Recover any blown highlights in Lightroom.
    Adjust the white balance from my callibration target image.
    Open in CS5.
    Run Portraiture to soften skin and then Fade it.
    Reduce image to 8-bit from 16-bit.
    Do a Levels adjustment layer and a Curves adjustment layer.
    Flatten and then duplicate the layer.
    Use a Radial blur filter, reduce to about 20% opacity and on the mask layer, brush back in the family. This step really separates them from the background.
    I also cloned over a house in the back, left side a little and cloned over a few bare patches of ground with grass.

    Before Editing –

After Editing – just love her little toes in the foreground of the photo!

Oh, how I love to photograph newborns and young babies. Despite the fact that they frequently don’t go how I plan, the images that result make me sigh: the toes and nails that aren’t completely formed, the puckered little mouth, the sleepy yawns (as I wear them out) and the unpredictable poops and pees that come along with trying to photograph a naked infant. Meet Myles, Hannah and Leo – quite new to this big world of ours.

Mr Myles

I had to include this one, too, because I just love it so much. Right now Kelby is into Garfield, sharks and almost any other kind of fish. Kelby’s conversations recently centered around Bionicles and Pokeman cards so these topics are much more interesting.

I have not been blessed with very many newborns to photograph yet so I was thrilled when Sarah and I found each other on Craig’s List. We did maternity photos for Sarah first and then, last Friday, I met this little sugar-plum. She sure wasn’t sleepy (most kids are not when they come to my studio) but we still managed these beautiful images.


Sleeping Beauty


Emerson & Annaliese

March 29, 2009

I finally got to meet my newest great-niece, Emerson, who is already nine months old, and was lucky to get some really fun photos of her and big sister, Annaliese. Gosh, I love to photograph babies. I did this “on-location” at my sister’s house this past weekend in Cedar Rapids. Both of the girls have such beautiful, blue eyes. Emerson was just delighted to play with her tongue & the pearls and to make funny faces at me.

Later, I was amazed at how easy Emerson fell asleep laying in her Daddy’s arms with everybody talking around her. We were lucky to arrive there just before the snow started and then returned today in the bright sunshine.






Meet Alivia

March 2, 2009

I haven’t had the fun of photographing a baby girl for a while so, I was really looking forward to meeting three-month-old Olivia. Cori, her mom, and I got to try out my new hats and doesn’t she look enchanting in them?