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Working with a two-year-old always requires patience. And, if you persist long enough you are rewarded with beautiful smiles, scampering little feet, tiny toes, curious blue eyes and unexpected emotion and fun. Grace’s Daddy just returned from Afghanistan yesterday and had not seen her for ten months. Grace was so excited to see him she didn’t get much sleep last night. I had lots of ideas for the session but, as usual, the toddler’s spontaneity shines through!

Daddy and Grace






Oh, my, these two boys are growing into knockouts, aren’t they? Our photographic journey has included many stages, so far, but the session today was the best. So, so cooperative and full of great ideas for poses and those eyes and eye lashes. Wow, GQ here they come! Dad, Nathan, suggested getting out a fan – LOL! Seriously, to see how these kids change over a few year’s time is heart-warming. These aren’t your typical Christmasy, cutesy setups but they are perfect for Andrew & Jacob.

Jake & Andrew



In the Zone


Kelby immediately corrected me when I called them “Urban Chickens” since, technically, they do not live in the city limits so they are not truly urban chickens. However, Kelby’s family is surrounded by a housing development so, it doesn’t really seem like they are outside the city limits. They have struggled to maintain a small flock of chickens but, sadly, the urban predators find them time after time. Hopefully, these will last a little longer. Dawn and her Dad added the coop’s side panels so the flock will be protected during the cold weather.

Saturday the weather was beautiful and warm and we were able to be outside playing and studying the newer chickens up close. On Sunday, I used four little eggs in the pumpkin pie I baked.


Kelby assured me that the chickens do have ears.


Luv these Chickens!

I have sorely neglected this blog but, again, am pledging to do better! This is one of our recent birthday girls from the Cuter Every Day Club, Megan. It’s amazing for me to see these little ones as newborns and finish up with this wonderful “cake smash” session” on their birthday. Megan used a two-finger technique for sampling the cake – they are all different. Some are tentative, some want to share, and they all are happiest when the cake arrives! My, my – see how she has changed in one short year.

NmB PhotographyNmB Photography


NmB Photography

NmB Photography

This past weekend I finally met Kali and her family of nine for their outdoor photo session. This has been planned for a long, long time starting with a gift certificate purchased for Christmas last year. Kali and I have had many email conversations about scheduling, what-to-wear, etc but this was the first time we met face-to-face. It’s a small world in NW Illinois, though, and I remembered her mother-in-law from classes at Highland and her mother worked with my son at one time. Our original plan for the session was early May but that day turned out to be too rainy so we all agreed to reschedule for last Saturday and I’m soo happy we did. The field was full of yellow flowers, the sky was perfectly blue with some clouds mixed in and the temperature was surprisingly warm. The bigger girls amazed me with their tumbling skills at only seven and four and one-year-old Reese just smiled and smiled! Who could ask for more than that?

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One beautiful August morning, I headed out to a field of Queen Anne’s Lace that I’d had been scoping out. Sena and her four children were charming and polite despite the very early hour. To catch that gorgeous early light you have to start early in the summer time. We were there by 8 am and captured these images of her growing children: Christian, Samuel, Sophia and Nathan – she’s so blessed. Sena is just a delightful mother, friend, runner and occasional assistant to me with newborns and families. Thanks for letting me capture this stage in your children’s lives.

Summer is so short! We no longer take vacations during the summer as we love to spend time here and have family join us at the lake. We’re thankful they will come from Ohio and Iowa during the short summer months. We now prefer to vacation during the cold & miserable midwest winter if at all possible. We have been to the lake several times this summer and are looking forward to lounging on floats in the lake again this weekend. I’m sure the water has warmed dramatically since the last time we were there.

Last weekend, though, we did make our way to Madison with Dawn’s family to go to the Farmer’s Market. It was hot and crowded and overwhelming so we were all ready to leave after only doing half of it. Do you know it’s the largest in the country? We had a nice, cool lunch at the Great Dane after eating a whole loaf of warm cheese bread and sampling lots of cheese – it’s all about the cheese! State Street was just as busy due to Maxwell Street days and the patio of the union was packed, too!

On the way home, we stopped at Brennan’s in Monroe to get the rest of the ingredients we needed for Dawn’s special gourmet, grilled pizza. Everything but the fresh mozarella had been purchased at the Farmer’s Market. We were really proud of ourselves for dragging along a pull-behind traveler and a cooler in the car. We were all pretty exhausted at the end of the day! What are your favorite things to do in the summer time?

A couple more tips for you on photo processing: I use purchased actions for much of my blog’s photo processing. I always use MCP’s Crystal Clear Web Resize to prepare my images for this blog. On these images I also used the Pioneer Woman’s free Action Set 1 How nice of Ree Drummond to give away these actions and to provide so many, many wonderful tutorials on photography and photo processing. If you are an aspiring photographer, spend some time on the photography section of her blog. She has some Flickr groups, too!


This last photo appeals to me so much: Lars, our son-in-law, is pelting his wife with some little beads off of the trees and in the background it appears that Grandpa, aka Gpa, is telling Erin another fanciful story about how his little finger became crooked (yes, it really is). Jim is so much better at this pretending and story-telling than I am. I love him for that!

Erin was a happy, little six-year-old last weekend. She was enthralled with this little monkey from one of the State Street stores and had it riding her Webkinz pet. Lovingly wrapped around her is the fabric we found at Hobby Lobby for her new, tied blanket. We located the perfect color fleece for the other side at JoAnn’s so she didn’t understand that it wasn’t going to get magically done and go right home with her that day.

Kelby is such a fun kid, now! He doesn’t talk constantly any more but when he does, it’s usually a conversation about animals – more specifically fish of all kinds. He’s a walking encyclopedia and though he’s a voracious reader and listener of fiction, he checks out just as many non-fiction books from the Iowa City library.

The fresh look of almost spring – almost Easter. The pink and taupe shades are a great color combination. And, those shoes are perfect, too.

Here’s the newest edition of suggested color combinations for families. I really like the combination of magenta, gray and blue. These are pretty trendy colors right now but will look great for a long time, I’m sure. The ruffle texture on the two tops adds interest as do the different shoe detail.

This is a “What-to-Wear” guide for family sessions in December but wouldn’t these clothes work great for a Valentine’s session also? What could be sweeter than a gift of a family portrait for grandparents or a gift certificate for photography? Maybe you missed the busy Christmas season but, remember, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

What to Wear