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Meet Keeley – a girl who was almost too busy for her senior photo sessions. Actually, we scheduled the indoor session pretty quickly but the outdoor session was harder to squeeze in. I frequently walk around the Highland campus looking for plants and trees to photograph. In fact, the 200-acre campus is designated a Regional Arboretum. Since I work with Keeley’s mother at Highland, we decided the campus would be a beautiful location for her fall session. These were from last November when some of the trees were blazing with red and the prairie near the pond was washed in yellow and gold. Keeley looked beautiful every where!

I’m looking back today at the beautiful fall that enabled me to produce images like this! In NW Illinois we were in near-blizzard conditions this afternoon and I already long for the return of spring and outdoor shooting. My blog is badly in need of updating and just realized I have only posted one senior session. So, I’ll try to catch up a little starting with Karly. We worked solo at both of her sessions so I hauled my light stand through Krape Park. It’s more work for me but so worth it when I can get a shot like the one below. Congratulations on being a senior, Karly!

A Model

Funny that I’m using that as my blog title today but all of a sudden I have several seniors to photograph. How fun for me. I’m just enthralled with portrait photography and especially the wide variety of ages and daily life that I get to be a part of. In the last month I’ve had newborns, seniors, a 50th wedding anniversary, scholarship photography plus a fabulous vacation to Aspen.

However, this senior girl is very special to me. I’ve known Jill since she was a two-year-old coming over to my house to get cookies. She learned quickly to hold that cookie in the air so our big golden wouldn’t take it out of her little fist. Even though we don’t live across the street from them any more, it has been pure delight to watch her grow into this beautiful young woman.

NmB Photography has a new senior rep for Freeport High School. Meet Taylor Taylor told me she has two loves: singing and the color purple. I think she already has a perfect stage name … Taylor Bloom. It’s such a pretty name. We had the opportunity to try different things and her mom and sister were great to have along on our little road trip through the park and around the country and city. Taylor will have referral cards soon to benefit FHS seniors. If you are looking for a photographer that works with you to create a session a little different, a little unique – just ask Taylor!

iPod Evolution

January 29, 2009

I’ve posted about last year’s Nano  and have just been thinking about the evolution of iPods. We have one of the very first ones and use it on our Bose dock and when I have a studio session. I have an extensive Kid’s playlist and then just play what ever for other clients. I might even ask a senior to bring their own iPod so they can have fun and I can get exposed to “different” music.

I finally have a workout routine in place – four days each week at the Y with that little Nano with the Nike sensor on it. I have a plan to get me ready to walk the Lincoln-Douglas 5K at the beginning of August with the rest of my family. Each week I increase the walking by one-tenth of a mile and when I’m done somebody like Lance Armstrong or Joan Benoit Samuelson inspires me by saying, “Congratulations, you’ve just completed your longest run ever.”

Yesterday I came across a Flickr group for the Nike+iPod Sensor which led me to a post about which shoes people wear which led me to sites that hack adding the sensor in different shoes which led me to this cool hack  that uses Google’s mapping application to help record distances traveled and calories burned during a running or walking workout. Yeah, that’s the way it always goes – one thing leads to another that leads to another …

My Christmas iPod Touch is like carrying around a mini computer. If you have a Wi-Fi connection (like at the new Burchard stop light) you can access gmail or any other website with the Safari browser. The iTunes app is amazinging but I really am pleased with how my pictures look on it. I’m now including one of these in my new Extreme Wedding Package!



Heather’s Room & More

January 10, 2009

Heather looked perfect in her black & pink room this morning. Her mother did all the decorating for her. I love on-location work – I get to incorporate more of the personality of the subject.

Heather & Kitty

In Her Room

Pretty in Pink

Kitty Wants Treats

Snowy Day Texture

Heather in the Blue Dress

January 8, 2009

Last night we had a great time capturing Heather in this gorgeous, sparkly blue dress. She looks just perfect in it, doesn’t she? The tiara gave her a few problems but it really adds to the princess effect.  Saturday we will wrap it up with photos in her room – I hear it’s pretty unique just like she is!!


Heather in the Blue Dress1

Heather in the Blue Dress

Heather in the Blue Dress


Heather in the Blue Dress


Heather in the Blue Dress