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Last weekend I photographed two-year-old Kaya with mom, Erica, and dad, Brad. I remember an eventful vacation to Jamaica with Brad’s parents eleven long years ago and while we haven’t seen much of their family lately, I’ve recently been in touch with Brad through Facebook.

A two-year-old’s attention span changes by the second and they are humorous little characters. The phrase that made Kaya smile almost every time was a resounding, “POOL PARTY!!” You can see a funny video of him using the mic and doing some smooth dancing on Brad’s blog. Brad and Erica did a great job at the session and we got some bubble shots outside, too. Love his little batman sweater!




Best Friend is Found

January 23, 2009

Thanks to Facebook, I recently reconnected with a couple of people from my high school. We went to a really large school and were split up during our senior year so it caused us to be a little more fragmented than normal, I think. Anyway, it all prompted me to get more serious about locating my best friend from grade school and beyond. We even lived on the same street until I moved a ways away at the age of 10 but always went to the same school and then even the same college. We are having the most delightful email conversations this week catching up on what has been happening in our lives for the past many years.

Pam, I just couldn’t resist posting this photo of you looking so hip in that hairdo and even showing some bare belly! This was her class in sixth grade!