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Kelby immediately corrected me when I called them “Urban Chickens” since, technically, they do not live in the city limits so they are not truly urban chickens. However, Kelby’s family is surrounded by a housing development so, it doesn’t really seem like they are outside the city limits. They have struggled to maintain a small flock of chickens but, sadly, the urban predators find them time after time. Hopefully, these will last a little longer. Dawn and her Dad added the coop’s side panels so the flock will be protected during the cold weather.

Saturday the weather was beautiful and warm and we were able to be outside playing and studying the newer chickens up close. On Sunday, I used four little eggs in the pumpkin pie I baked.


Kelby assured me that the chickens do have ears.


Luv these Chickens!

We finally got to meet our newest grand pet (not counting the two chickens in Iowa City) and Jim tells me I exclaimed how cute Lucy was a few too many times. I didn’t like her chewing on my Ron Jon flip-flops or those oh, so sharp puppy teeth but other than that, she’s a sweetie. She was really well behaved when we took her to Nic’s Lacrosse game never barking and being gentle with other puppies. She does chase Nellie, the cat, but that’s what dogs do, right? Our own Bogie was scratched by a cat at the kennel when we were picking him up last night drawing blood and totally hurting the feelings of our exhausted Wire Fox Terrier. Lucy’s Mom is a Puggle (pug and beagle) and has a Yorkie dad so she currently weighs in at only seven pounds. Makes it easy to scoop her up and get frequent wet, puppy kisses.



Here’s Harley

April 18, 2009

This sweet, sweet dachshund named Harley met me for some photos at a new location I’ve recently scouted. His eyes show so much affection and warmth in them, don’t they? Though he’s not really accustomed to being outside much he cooperated so nicely and didn’t even bark at the two Westies we met there.




Our Dogs

January 2, 2009

I used to post photos of my dogs all the time, but things change! Bogie took a major back seat to photography and now we have Mully, too. Actually, we’ve had her since Mother’s Day but it’s very difficult to get good photos of her. Her eyes are SO dark and her hair hangs over. She’s in desperate need of a trip to the beauty shop but for now, here she is.

Mully, our Minnie Schnauzer picture

Mully, our minnie Schnauzer

Oh, and Bogie intently watches Animal Planet.

Wire Fox Terrier Watches Animal Planet picture