Paige and I made our second recipe when she was home sick with strepp throat. By late afternoon of the second day on antibiotics, she was feeling pretty good. We thought Mommy might like this one because it’s healthy! Of course, Paige didn’t even want to try it because she detests anything with mayonnaise. How can that be?? The most difficult task was slicing the grapes down the middle. It struck me at how many cooking tasks I just take for granted but to slice a grape you must finesse it from the top down, at an angle and definitely use a serrated knife. She wanted to muscle her way through each and every one of them. She really did great chopping the apples, though, and based on my recommendation we gave this one three stars.

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  1. Janie Manus says:

    After talking to you yesterday about an appt., Abigail & I were looking through your pics. When we came to these of Paige, Abigail said “Hey, she’s in my class at school!” Small world!

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