Today was just my day. I went to Twice as Nice Home with a mission and, this time, I scored – big time! I was actually looking for dessert plates to match my old, old punch cups from the Unicorn Restaurant. Find #1: 20 dessert plates for $15. They have one rectangle for dessert, one to fit the punch cup and one is an ash tray! How shockingly retro. Find #2: This sweet antique doll that was asking to go home with me and sit on the bed with Grandma’s quilt. She reminds me of the China Girl from Oz a little bit – can you think of a good name for her? Find #3: these hand-painted plates that were made in China. 20 dessert plates and seven dinner plates came home with me for $9.99. Leaves are so beautiful, aren’t they? Find #4: paper towel holder now holding the garden string that I’m fond of using to tie up my climbing roses. Find #5: a garden angel that matches my purple bird bath and candle holder. Find #6: this tray magazine holder. I’ve been sorting through everything in my house and was having such a tough time giving up some old Southern Living, Country Living, Midwest Living, Martha Stewart, etc. and now I don’t have to!








Garden Angel



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3 Responses to “Thrift Store Heaven – Freeport, IL photographer”

  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow! Sounds like a great day! I especially like those hand-painted plates.

  2. Deb Williams says:

    Hey Nancy, your pictures are beautiful. I love re-sale and garage sales for great finds! How about Passion flower for a name for your doll? I have small collection of dolls and some are Asian/
    Oriental. The Pec-Thing is May18-19. I’m so glad you post your pictures. I’m still techniccally challenged. Must be my age. Talk to you soon!

  3. admin says:

    Passion Flower is a sweet name, Deb. Thanks for the suggestion.

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