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Working with a two-year-old always requires patience. And, if you persist long enough you are rewarded with beautiful smiles, scampering little feet, tiny toes, curious blue eyes and unexpected emotion and fun. Grace’s Daddy just returned from Afghanistan yesterday and had not seen her for ten months. Grace was so excited to see him she didn’t get much sleep last night. I had lots of ideas for the session but, as usual, the toddler’s spontaneity shines through!

Daddy and Grace






Even though Paige enjoys getting ready for a mini session with Mimi (me) and she is great at helping me get everything set up, she’s really not that thrilled when we get going. Often she can’t wait to get off itchy clothing like these leggings I bought both of the girls. So, out of many, many shots this morning these two were the best.

I love this navy and raspberry color combination. The cool shades are my favorites and these are so popular this fall.

I’m sure this is the longest I’ve ever gone since I started blogging six years ago! I’ll never get caught up here with my sessions but I’m very anxious to share a few recent ones with you. First, there’s Brynlee in her six-month session. My fellow photographers know that six-month old babies are the best! They just smile and smile AND they stay where you put them. I actually prefer to wait until they’re sitting but Brynlee is here at six months and just one week and is a spectacular little sitter. Her mommy always brings such beautiful props, too – what a fabulous combination. Brynlee just gets Cuter and Cuter Every single Day!

I also took a series of family photos in my backyard aka Park Hills golf course and wanted to share the before and after steps:

    Recover any blown highlights in Lightroom.
    Adjust the white balance from my callibration target image.
    Open in CS5.
    Run Portraiture to soften skin and then Fade it.
    Reduce image to 8-bit from 16-bit.
    Do a Levels adjustment layer and a Curves adjustment layer.
    Flatten and then duplicate the layer.
    Use a Radial blur filter, reduce to about 20% opacity and on the mask layer, brush back in the family. This step really separates them from the background.
    I also cloned over a house in the back, left side a little and cloned over a few bare patches of ground with grass.

    Before Editing –

After Editing – just love her little toes in the foreground of the photo!

This is a “What-to-Wear” guide for family sessions in December but wouldn’t these clothes work great for a Valentine’s session also? What could be sweeter than a gift of a family portrait for grandparents or a gift certificate for photography? Maybe you missed the busy Christmas season but, remember, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

What to Wear