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Last time I was in Iowa City Erin and I had such a great time hunting for real and fake pumpkins for their upcoming party. We had to check out JoAnns, of course, and Erin was like a kid in a candy store – oooing and ahing over all kinds of decor and fabric. She chose this Cloud9, organic fabric, that was designed exclusively for Joann’s stores. It’s such a nice weight and we both loved the color combination. The most important thing to Erin?? Dogs in the print. I have coordinating fabric for the leggings that I’ll work on next. I also have yarn for a dog that she wants me to knit – oh, and yarn for a scarf from The Knitting Shoppe in Iowa City.


Since I retired last October, I’ve completed many, many knitting projects. I love how easy it is to pick up a knitting project, that the projects are so portable, AND that the supplies create very little mess. I can knit and create while watching TV with my husband or sitting on the deck while I listen to an audio book.

However, I used to sew a lot and recently went through my “stash” to see what new projects I could work on. Happily Paige has an interest in sewing and we had fun creating a blanket for her newest baby cousin this summer. She has renamed the “baby bedroom” into the “sewing room”.

This is a sewing project I just completed today from fabric I bought years ago for a quilt. I just don’t have the patience to quilt big projects any longer. I had been searching the fabric blog world and came up with this little project over at Pumpkin Patterns – my first attempt was fun! I think it’s sort of an odd shape but it was a test, or prototype, project. I do like the squared bottoms and next time it will be quicker. Next time I’ll use this tutorial at Noodle-Head instead. Can’t wait to make a couple more of useful these little bags.

Squared Bottom

contrast lining

Funny Shape