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I’ve been inspired to Eat Less & Move More by Cathy Zielske. Based on her recommendation (and many other online reviews) I purchased this treadmill last week. I’m listening to audio books while I walk and, so far, it has been great. My body can already feel a difference and I’m thrilled that it’s still so resilient.

Cathy created some really nice resources for tracking similar to Weight Watcher’s (her diet of choice). Besides utilizing Cathy’s template for journaling my month, I created a simple sheet to track my daily progress on the treadmill. I found a schedule in our Spry Living last month that coincides nicely with the dates of our upcoming Disney vacation. I really wanted something that would pop out at me for tracking my treadmill progress. I post these on the closet door right next to my treadmill and am looking forward to seeing a line of them taped to the door by the time we leave for Disney. I included the layered, psd file here for those of you with image editing programs. It includes layers so you can continue to change the text to record your progress. Workout Schedule – psd file

I kind of like the idea of tracking monthly progress for a change. Now on to the healthier eating part …

iPod Evolution

January 29, 2009

I’ve posted about last year’s Nano  and have just been thinking about the evolution of iPods. We have one of the very first ones and use it on our Bose dock and when I have a studio session. I have an extensive Kid’s playlist and then just play what ever for other clients. I might even ask a senior to bring their own iPod so they can have fun and I can get exposed to “different” music.

I finally have a workout routine in place – four days each week at the Y with that little Nano with the Nike sensor on it. I have a plan to get me ready to walk the Lincoln-Douglas 5K at the beginning of August with the rest of my family. Each week I increase the walking by one-tenth of a mile and when I’m done somebody like Lance Armstrong or Joan Benoit Samuelson inspires me by saying, “Congratulations, you’ve just completed your longest run ever.”

Yesterday I came across a Flickr group for the Nike+iPod Sensor which led me to a post about which shoes people wear which led me to sites that hack adding the sensor in different shoes which led me to this cool hack  that uses Google’s mapping application to help record distances traveled and calories burned during a running or walking workout. Yeah, that’s the way it always goes – one thing leads to another that leads to another …

My Christmas iPod Touch is like carrying around a mini computer. If you have a Wi-Fi connection (like at the new Burchard stop light) you can access gmail or any other website with the Safari browser. The iTunes app is amazinging but I really am pleased with how my pictures look on it. I’m now including one of these in my new Extreme Wedding Package!